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Let’s Talk Good Finance

Let’s Talk Good Finance

SEYH is delighted to be working with Good Finance to bring Let's Talk Good Finance to Yorkshire and Humber.   About this EventThis webinar is for charities, social enterprises and community businesses who would like to learn more about social investment and the...

CV19 – Furlough leave explained

CV19 – Furlough leave explained

Furlough leave and the 80% wage recovery scheme The scheme will enable businesses to recover 80% of wage costs (or a maximum of £2,500 per month) for employees on ‘furlough leave’ – This is new in the wake of CV19 and the government will reimburse companies. This is...

Finance Resources

Big Issue Invest

Providing finance, not grants, from unsecured loans to equity investment

Social and Sustainable Capital

Is a fund manager and social enterprise providing finance to charities and social enterprises

Big Society Capital

An independent financial institution with a social mission, set up to help grow social investment in the UK.

Unity Trust Bank

Provide Banking Facilities and Finance for the Social Enterprise Sector.

Charity Bank

Is a Savings and Loan Bank that specialises in Third Sector Banking.


YORtender is the procurement portal for the Yorkshire & Humber Region.

Key Fund

Providing a mixture of flexible grant, loan and equity packages to support Social Enterprise activity

Social Enterprise Support


The UK’s leading network for community-led organisations

SEE Ahead

Provides specialist business support to individuals and organisations that want to improve their Social, Economic and Environmental objectives.

Social Enterprise UK

The national body for social enterprise that works to support and help grow the social enterprise movement.