Inspiring Impact Y&H: Topic 3 – Acting for impact – Working practices and organisational culture

Date: 6th October 2020
Time: 10:00am – 11:30am 
Please register for the webinar here.

This is the third session in a 3 part series of online workshops about impact management for VCSE sector organisations from the Yorkshire, Humber and Lincolnshire regions of England.

The series is being run by Inspiring Impact delivery partner SVUK in collaboration with our Inspiring Impact Regional Partners for the Yorkshire, Humber and Lincolnshire regions: Social Value Engine, and SEYH (Social Enterprise Yorkshire and Humber).

This session will focus on ‘Acting for impact – Working practices and organisational culture’.

In the first session we looked at the importance of data for decision making. 

In the second session, we looked at different data gathering methods, and approaches. 

In this final session, we will discuss how to embed impact practice into our organisations as a core part of how we manage our activities.   During a year of extreme and fast paced change all of our organisations have had to adjust in many different ways.

This session will look at our organisational working practices, with practical case study examples from organisations about their own impact management practice, the challenges organisations have faced and how they have overcome these, and opportunities and benefits that have been discovered through this practice.

This session will be include discussion on:

  • engaging our different stakeholder groups to own and be a part of our impact management
  • developing, or improving our relationships with different partners using our impact data
  • a learning culture: looking at understanding our impact and using this data as a core part of continuous improvement
  • an accountability culture: embracing being accountable for the impact that we have in peoples lives

    The session will be 1 hour 30 mins long and involve group discussions, resource sharing and action planning.

    This is the final session in the series. 

The session will be run through Zoom, and registration is through the below link:

Please register for the webinar here

To learn more about ongoing online events held by Social Value UK and Inspiring Impact, head here.

The facilitators:

Social Value Engine was created and developed by a partnership between Rose Regeneration and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to help organisations with their social value measurement, management and reporting.

Social Enterprise Yorkshire and Humber is the social enterprise network for Yorkshire and Humber with 5 main aims to deliver to members: Develop a strong regional social enterprise network, support existing and developing social enterprises, research, represent and lobby on behalf of the sector, promote and raise awareness of the sector externally, explore new market opportunities for social enterprises to encourage growth.

Social Value UK are the professional body for social value and impact management.  As a member-led organisation, our collective mission is to change the way the world accounts for value. We aim to reduce environmental degradation and inequality and increase wellbeing for all. Social Value UK does this through standardising practice through the Principles of Social Value, brokering relationships and encouraging cross-sectoral collaboration, encouraging further accountability for impact, building a community of practitioners and encouraging innovation.

Social Value UK is a Joint Member Network of Social Value International, the global standard-setting organisation for social value and impact management:

Inspiring Impact is a national programme on a mission to make good impact practice the norm by creating a culture of continuous improvement among voluntary organisations. We provide free online resources and peer learning networks so you can plan, understand, and improve your impact:

Thank you,

Social Value UK

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